Come Join Our Living Houston Facebook Group!!

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Come Join Our Facebook Group

Hey, guys!!! My name is Melissa Miles,  I’m the Client Care Coordinator for Living Houston! We recently started a Facebook group that I’ll be facilitating and we’d love for you to join us! My sister, Laura Rizzuto Weisman, owns and operates Living Houston, and we decided to create a group that highlights all of the wonderful things about our city! We know that sometimes as Houston natives we can get a little complacent and feel like there’s not a lot to do here, but we’re ready to prove you wrong! So come join our group and get ready to rediscover this amazing place! Follow the link below to join, we look forward to getting to know you! Xo, Melissa! 

Living Houston Facebook Group


















Which Way Should Your Ceiling Fan Turn in Summer?

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Which Way Should Your Ceiling Fan Turn in Summer?

The wrong direction could make you even hotter.

Most fans are reversible: One direction pushes air down, creating a nice summer breeze; the other direction sucks air up, helping you distribute heat in winter. There’s normally a switch on the motor to change the fan’s direction.

Is your fan turning in the right direction for summer?

  • Stand beneath the running fan, and if you feel a cooling breeze, it’s turning correctly.
  • If not, change directions, usually by flicking a switch on the fan’s base.

Typically, it’s counterclockwise or left for summer and clockwise for winter, but the best method is to follow the steps above.

Funny note: We read on Yahoo! that one clever person used bubbles to see which direction his fan was blowing.